All of the above celebrities were born in New Orleans

Reese Witherspoon - Dorothy Lamour -  Patricia Clarkson - Ellen DeGeneres

Louisiana also offers producers the
opportunity to film in many different types
of locations.  Popular choices include the
historic French Quarter, the bayous and
swamps of Louisiana's wetlands as well as

many of Louisiana's historic homes and
plantations located throughout the state.  
These unique locations paired with
Louisiana's cultural history make this a
wonderful place to tell a story.
In 2002 the Louisiana Legislature stepped up efforts to develop the film
industry by approving a Louisiana film tax credit program to lure producers to
the state and tap into the estimated $225,000 per day that major studios
bring to their shooting locations.  This program provides a percentage of the
money spent on a film in the state as a tax incentive to the production
company which could be turned into cash through film tax credits.
This program, perhaps as much as the other factors, has helped Louisiana's
film industry to build momentum and help it to earn the title "HOLLYWOOD
Many people credit Louisiana's rich cultural history as the basis for success in
the film industry.  Few states offer a more "colorful" history of politics and
people!  Louisiana is perhaps best known for its multicultural heritage, cuisine,

architecture, music (particularly as the birthplace of jazz) and its annual Mardi
Gras and other celebrations.
New Orleans Goes To The Movies  by Alan Leonhard (2008)

Visitors to the French Quarter may purchase this book at the 1850 House
located at Jackson Square.  The 1850 House is operated by the Friends of
the Cabildo in support of the Louisiana State Museum. Two additional
State Museum properties are located at Jackson Square:   The Cabildo
(Louisiana History) and the Presbytere (Mardi Gras).
"Alan's book enlivens tours of New Orleans.  People often perk up when I point out where
movies like
The Big Easy, JFK, and The Pelican Brief  were shot."
                                      - Dave Roberts
                                         New Orleans Tour Guide
Explore the role of one of America's most photogenic cities in the film industry. A must-read for movie
buffs and aficionados of New Orleans lore, full of fascinating details of how the films were made.